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Equis was originally built on Mortgage Protection services. Since then, we’ve greatly expanded our platform to support Final Expense, Advanced Markets, and Spanish-speaking agents throughout the country through Equis Latino.

Take a look at our Divisions below to discover how we’re broadening our services and widening our reach.

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Equis Financial - Mortgage Protection Division
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Mortgage Protection Division

Mortgage Protection Insurance, or MPI, protects your family from being unable to afford their home, should one of your family’s breadwinners encounter health issues, become disabled, or die. In such scenarios where income is significantly reduced, families can suffer financial hardship and even lose their home. Mortgage protection gives you peace of mind that your family will never face such a situation.

An unexpected $400 expense would force more than one in three Americans into a difficult financial situation.

– Federal Reserve, “Report on the Economic Well–Being of U.S. Households in 2018”

  • Customization First iconCustomization First

    We design solutions around the specific needs of each family, ensuring they have just the right amount of coverage—not too little, not too much.

  • Choices and Options iconChoices and Options

    Regardless of your budget, health, or employment situation, we have the variety of partners and services to meet almost any client’s needs.

  • Customization First iconNorth American Focus

    Unlike many financial agencies who only serve the wealthy, Equis Financial is rooted in solving the financial needs of every American.

Our Mission

We respect and invest in our most valuable resource—our agents—by providing a secure and innovative environment to begin and build a lasting career.

Discover What Makes Us Different

Equis Financial Executive Team

Equis Financial is a partnership of agents and agency builders. Founded in 2015 by industry veterans Barry Clarkson, Rob Jones, and Bill Martin, Equis Financial truly is the agent’s company.

Meet The Executive Team
Equis Latino Logo

Latino families will comprise 56% of all new homebuyers in the U.S. by 2030.– Curbed, 2019, "Hispanic homebuyers are the future of the U.S. housing market"

Equis Latino Division

Equis Latino represents a shift in priority for Equis Financial. Our commitment to the Latino market comes at the perfect time, enabling us to follow the needs and trends in the industry. We’re dedicated to establishing Equis as the leader of incorporating and integrating the Spanish-speaking community into our business platform.

Equis offers translations, social media integration, and professionally designed websites built specifically for our agents and clients in the Latino market. Equis Latino is headed up by a dedicated corporate team of Latino executives who have the experience to drive our strategy for success.

Latino man and woman looking at a laptop together

I am so very proud to be partnered with an organization that believes so firmly in the Latino community, which happens to be nearly half of the people where I live! Now ALL of my community can be served and served well. Thank you!Jeremy Harp – Equis Latino Life Protection Specialist

Our company represents and supports families of every culture. We’re breaking records here at Equis and loving and caring for so many people across the nation. Whether you’re looking for coverage for your loved ones or would like an opportunity to supplement your family’s income while taking care of others, Equis is the place to be!Mandy Miller-Galarza – Equis Latino Life Protection Specialist

Two women sitting on sofa talking to eachother

Deep product knowledge and passion to help our agents succeed make Nick and Jonathan the ideal Equis Final Expense Division leaders. They bring a track record of experience to our growing number of agents assisting American families who so desperately need life protection services.Name Here – Equis Life Protection Specialist

Equis Financial Final Expense Division Logo

Final Expense Division

Our Final Expense Division is laser-focused on protecting families from the burden of expenses that follow the death of a loved one. Final Expense Insurance can cover funeral costs, burial services, and even medical expenses. With care and sensitivity, our agents work with families to address this financial protection topic that is often neglected because it can be difficult for many to discuss.

The $8,500 average cost of a funeral in the U.S. would wipe out the savings of the average American family, who only have $8,863 put away.

– Parting, 2019, “Funeral Costs: How Much Does an Average Funeral Cost?” – CNBC, 2019, “This chart shows how much money Americans have in savings at every age”

Equis Financial Retirement Solutions Logo

48% of Americans–nearly half–are not saving anything for retirement.– CFP Board & Morning Consult, 2019. "CFP Board Retirement Presentation"

Equis Retirement Solutions

For industry leading education on Indexed Annuities, Indexed UL, Living Benefits, and so much more—look no further than Equis Retirement Solutions. Equis Retirement Solutions is designed to provide you with the training needed to provide your clients safe savings and protection solutions. Access the leadership you need to succeed with clients on the invaluable nature of smartly considered financial planning. Simplify your sales approach with Equis Retirement Solutions.

Division Leaders

Equis Advanced - Pete Lee

Pete LeeSenior Vice President of Advanced Markets

Equis Advanced - Bill Martin

Bill Martin (2.0)Vice President of Advanced Markets

Older man with grandson on shoulders

The wisdom, knowledge, and guidance of Pete Lee and Bill Martin 2.0 is only found within one company—Equis Financial. Clients’ long-term goals will always come first and are served like family when led by this team.Brandon Clarke – Equis Life Protection Specialist

Discover how our Divisions can power your career goals.

If the momentum we have at Equis excites you, then consider plugging into our mission of empowering agents to reach more communities with a broader offering of services.

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